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Monday, December 4, 2017

MUST READ - THE MYTH ABOUT FEMALE VIRGINITY — Why most women won't bleed the first time they have sex-

There's a very common myth in South and Central Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc.) and Africa (Nigeria and many other nations ) that you can tell if a woman is a virgin, by whether or not she bleeds the first time she has sex. There is zero truth in this. Not all women bleed the first time they have sex, as I'll explain in this post. To understand why some women bleed and some don't, it's very important to understand what the hymen is. The hymen is a membrane that tends to cover part of the vaginal opening (it does not always block or cover the entire vagina, as some people mistakenly think).


The hymen also differs from woman to woman - like all women have different heights and weights and features, all women also have different amounts and types of hymen. Some women have thick hymens, some have very thin hymens, and some women have NO hymens at all. Some women have larger hymens, some women naturally have a very little amount of hymen that covers only a small portion of their vaginal opening (and hence does not really get in the way, during first-time sex). In addition to this, the hymen wears away on its own as you grow up.

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For most women, the hymen wears away on its own with exercise, bicycling, horseback riding -it can wear off with pretty much any other physical activity, even dancing! - or from using tampons when menstruating.
Especially if the hymen is very small or thin, most of it tends to wear away on its own as a girl grows up.
If a woman is born WITHOUT a hymen, she won't bleed the first time she has sex.
If a woman has a small or thin hymen, she might not bleed the first time she has sex. If a woman's hymen has worn away on its own (which is very common as girls grow up), she won't bleed the first time she has sex.
The result is that the overwhelming majority - at least 63% of women - will NOT bleed the first time they have sex, according to a study published by the British Medical Journal.

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Women who do bleed include: - Women with thick hymens (who constitute a small percentage of the population) - Younger girls.
Because the hymen wears away on its own with time, a 16-year old has a higher chance of bleeding than a 25-year old. By the time a girl is of or above the legal age of consent - 18, 20, 24 years of age, for example - most of her hymen is likely to have worn away on its own, meaning it's unlikely that she'll bleed a lot, if at all.
However, even a young girl can be physically active, have a thin or small hymen, or have no hymen at all, meaning she might not bleed during first-time sex.

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Most often, women who bleed tend to be women who are dealt with roughly during sex. If the guy forces himself inside the girl, when she isn't ready, relaxed or aroused enough, he is likely to cause injury or bleeding. Because most people think it's normal for women to bleed the first time they have sex, they don't realize that this bleeding is a result of the woman having been hurt, and not of the hymen 'breaking.' Painful first-time sex is generally because the woman is not relaxed or aroused enough, and gets hurt as a result; it is rarely ever because of the hymen breaking.
The bottom line is that there is no way to assess female virginity. Bleeding does not have anything to do with virginity - it has to do with the kind of hymen a girl has, and hymens differ from girl to girl from birth. The result is that only a small percentage of women bleed the first time! (Only 37% bleed during first-time sex, according to the study published in the British Medical Journal.)
Why is this so important to be aware of?

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Women all over the world get abused, injured and even killed due to the myth of 'virgin bleeding.' Because most people (men AND women) think that bleeding is a sign of virginity, women who don't bleed the first time have been divorced, suffered from suspicion leading to domestic violence and abuse, and even killed for honour.
Educating people that a girl does not necessarily have to bleed the first time she has sex - because not all girls have thick hymens, and some are born with no hymen at all - is important because it can literally save lives.

Have a lovely week ahead.....

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Why Daddy Freeze Should Be Careful Of His Life Attacking Pastor Adeboye - Must Read

For some time now have been reading about Daddy Freeze talking against pastors and some people are against him especially when it comes to someone everyone see as the real man of God...You should know who am talking about and if you don't am talking about Pastor Adeboye.

I know nothing much about this man of God personally but I have seen rich men go to him, and even seen number one citizen of this country going to him for blessing or other things best known to them...See video of the visit below.

I was so worried and asking myself who really is Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye that the number one citizen of this country do consult. So I make some research about him

During my findings, I read that Pastor Adeboye was among 1 of the 50 most powerful people in the world by Newsweek in 2008. Also, he is Among the centenary awardees of his country as at 2014. If my brain is still with me and am not miss quoting myself, how can a pastor be among the most powerful people on this earth. I thought they said the devil control the world. Well I don't want to go there. Also remember the vice president of this country is also a pastor in Pastor Adeboye church and I am very sure that no one rule this country that doesn't dance with the devil.

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Also according to my research RCCG was founded by Revd. J. O. Akindayomi, a man who though was illiterate had been supernaturally endowed with the ability to read the Yoruba (a native Nigerian dialect) version of the Holy Bible (translated from the Authorized King James Version) which pastor Adeboye took over from.

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Pastor Adeboye has built a Mission of over five thousand Churches all over the world (Nigeria, almost all the nations of Africa, the US, the UK, Canada, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, India, China, Hong Kong, the Far East and even the Middle East). In the United States alone there are over five hundred Parishes and still increasing.

For several years, he has been honored to serve as Pastor and / or spiritual counselor to Heads of States, Ministers, political leaders and national decision-makers. At the same time, he endeavors to travel to minister in unreached places where others will not go.

To date, all over the world Enoch Adeboye has been conferred with several honorary degrees and national merit awards in appreciation of his contributions to humanity.

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Should I say Daddy Freeze is right when he said Pastor Adeboye shouldn't own a jet, a man with Ph.D and once a lecturer because he is now a man of God. As I also read that he wasn't born from birth to preach the gosple of God, that he was once just a church goer like others before God called him to do his work.

Although, there are lot of fake men of God which me do criticize...but for Pastor Adeboye I won't go there. But for a person that dine and wine with people in politics, I don't know what to say and for that reason Daddy Freeze should be careful on what he says about Pastor Adeboye....because politics as they say is a dirty game.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

6 Important Reasons Wearing Wrist Watch Is Good For You

Wearing wrist watch was once just a thing own by woman in the early days of life before World War 1.
It was during World War I – soldiers tired of fishing around their pockets to find the ubiquitous pocket watch started wearing it on a bracelet on their wrists.
Right now both male and female rock it and it seem to be a thing more than just for fashion. sdd

Here're 5 Important  reasons wearing wrist watch more important and valuable below....
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Convenience - A watch is more of a subtle way to check the time than pulling out your phone in the middle of a meeting. With you just taken a quick look at your wrist your time is easily accessible

Off Distraction - Having a wrist watch on your hand it taken you off distraction of your phone, maybe of a message or social media which
steal people time nowadays

Personal Sentiment- A watch is a personal item to many. They can signify a gift from a loved one and a sense of sentiment. A watch can be more than just something to fill up the thin part of your wrist, they can have a meaning behind them.

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Giving or receiving a watch as a present from or to someone important in your life is always a great way of demonstration how much you care about them. You can even go as far as having engraved on the back of the watch. It’s not surprising that often watches are a go-to item for presents that mark important achievements in someone’s life such as graduations or anniversaries.

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Make Statement- A man’s watch is more than just a way to tell the time. It is a statement piece for the modern man, sitting on the thin of his wrist, representing style and status. It’s for his profession or his free time, it is a part of who he is. The modern man doesn’t wear his watch as a commodity, but as a fundamental part of his day to day life.

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Value - Watch nowadays is not just a thing of fashion, apart from using it for fashion, it can also be of a valuable asset because some are made of  Gold and diamonds that can be resell and make profit. Back in the early generation, our fore-fathers invest money in buying diamond watch then pass it on to their kids and grandkids, as a family heritage.

Tool- A watch now can be use as a tool to carry out technical assignment with ease

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Friday, September 29, 2017

The Problem With Psquare Splitting Controversy

Related image
For so long we have been hearing about Psquare splitting but at the end, it doesn't happen...At the end all we hear is they have settled.

I was listen to Osagie On FactOnly, and he made this statement that "If Psquare want to split, they should instead of them trying to be relevant with the "Separation Saga".

Honestly, I tired of hearing them going separate ways...and that is one problem I have...."If they want to split, they should and putting us feel as if they split....the music industry won't move on.

I am tired of the story that goes below;

Peter firing Jude as his manager, setting up a new structure for his business, and going solo with a single. Paul too had also released a single, and has stuck with Jude.

In an interview with NET, Peter Okoye unburdened his heart with all the details of the fight, explaining that Jude and Paul disrespected him and marginalized him, Paul had floated his personal band named MVP, and the inefficient business structure was hurting the brand and their decision-making process.

On Problems with Paul

Four years ago, I told Jude that he needs to step down as our manager, because I didn’t want to disrespect him as a brother, but this is business, we have to structure it. And Jude said to me that there’s a way I’ll talk to him, and he’ll slap me. So I kept quiet’.Not Anywhere Online You Will Find This

‘So, a few hours after, Paul came to me and said if I want Jude to step down it’s not a problem, but it’ll mean that he (Paul) will go solo. The first time word got out about Psquare breaking up, a lot of people called us, senators, governors, and people like that. In fact three of us were once in a private jet to go and see someone who wanted to resolve our issues and we didn’t speak to each other all through the flight. At the end of the day, I swallowed my pride for peace to reign and allowed Jude to remain as our manager’.
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‘Truth is, I’ve not been in talking terms with Paul since December 2015 and that was why I travelled in January because I had a lot on my mind.

Something happened at Mavin Studios last year that broke my heart.

‘Truth is, I’ve not been in talking terms with Paul since December 2015 and that was why I travelled in January because I had a lot on my mind.

Something happened at Mavin Studios last year that broke my heart.

Now listen to this, Psquare featured on songs with J-Martins, Bracket, LKT, 9ice and these 4 songs were done by Paul alone, but guess what, did I appear in the videos, YES’.

‘Now hear this, we have other collabos with Kaha, Darey, Ruggedman. I did these songs alone. How come they don’t have videos? Paul refused to appear in the videos’.

‘So I told Paul that when next he does collabo alone, he should be in the video alone, because it got a point where artistes began to feel if they do a collabo with Paul it gets a video but if it’s me it doesn’t get a video.
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The last collabo we did was with Flavour and I refused to do another one. Even Flavour had to speak all the Igbo he knows to convince me before I agreed to do it. Only for my brother to come and tell me that ‘shey I thought you said you won’t appear in any video that I did the collabo alone? Why did you appear on this one?’. I was sad but I knew another one will come’.

‘So Tiwa Savage called me, apparently Paul had gone to do a song with her, not the campaign song they are promoting now, another Psquare collabo entirely. So she called me that she’s been trying to reach Paul to get the CD of the song from him that he’s already done his part, so I went to Paul’s house to help ask for it and tell him that I want to go to their studio to do my verse and he said he doesn’t know where the CD is’.

‘I went to the Mavin studio to meet Tiwa, when I got there, she asked for the CD and I told her Paul didn’t give me any CD, so I called him again and gave the phone to Tiwa and told her on phone that the CD is at Omole, so I got into the studio recorded my verse and when I finished, everybody was clapping. I was surprised only to realize that Paul had gone to tell them that I don’t sing or write songs’.
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‘I felt really bad and betrayed, but I covered up for him. I jokingly asked Teebillz if they gave him Red Label and he said yes, so I was like you guys caused it, and we laughed over it. So when my assistant went to pick up the CD, Paul and Jude started shouting at him to tell Peter that what is he doing at the Mavin studio? He knows how we work. The next day, I went to Paul and told him how I felt when I heard what he said. Only for Jude to say that he made Paul the lead singer of Psquare 8 years ago! A leader leads, he doesn’t destroy.’

On Management deals

When it comes to decision-making, it has always been a Triangle formation, and the highest vote wins. I never used to complain because we were all okay, but what has changed now is the fact that we’ve grown. You can make a certain decision based on how we used to do it and it may affect everyone as an individual, but it gets to a point when the decisions taken never gets to be my own and I began to wonder if anything is wrong’.

‘I always get Ideas, most of Psquare ideas come from me, and when I say Idea, I mean materials we need to put out for people to see, video, stage performances and all. But when I come up with them, nobody wants to accept it. I didn’t complain because people still love what we do, but then again, there wasn’t much competition in the industry back then’.It's 4Real

‘As time goes, we should get better, it shouldn’t be same triangle deciding, because if we continue that same way, we’ll lose it. All I want is a proper structure in the sense that, we need to have proper management, business managers and all’.

‘As I speak to you right now, we don’t have any office, no structure. When this issue started about five years ago, our lawyer told us the way we run our business is wrong without a structure’.

‘I’ll give you an instance’.

‘We had to go perform somewhere once, and because I had a slight argument with Paul, he said he’s not going. The show was the wedding of the President’s daughter, because some times when we perform for some certain people, they always talk to me, they don’t call Jude’.
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‘I didn’t even know until we got to the airport and at the end of the day we missed the reception, but we finally performed at the gala night, because when I got to the airport my brother wasn’t there, and I became confused on how I was going to explain to the President that we can’t perform?

Psquare at President Buhari’s inauguration ceremony in Abuja.

‘So I made up my mind to go with the band, perform like that and lie that my brother was sick. So we left for Abuja and when we got to the hotel dressing up my assistant manager called that he was on the way to the airport with Paul, so we had to wait for them to land in Abuja and that was why we couldn’t make it on time to the reception’.

‘The president was mad. In fact Mama Peace (Patience Jonathan) was really mad. But we eventually made up for it with a performance at the Gala night.

Only for Jude to say Paul said he wasn’t going for a show and I still went on it with’.

‘Imagine if Jude had a proper structure and we had contracts? That wouldn’t happen. And it was more because the show came through me. If the show came through Jude it wouldn’t have happened. I don’t have a problem with doing things as a family, but then the structure and proper organization is important too. The name Psquare is very big outside but inside we have no structure, I see people like Audu of Chocolate City, Mavin Records, even Ubi Franklin and I wanted us to have a structure like that. Psquare is just up there because of the grace of God.’

On Being Disrespected Publicly by Paul

‘It’s really sad that people have labeled me ‘Dancer’, and people don’t really know what I do for Psquare. Kudos to Paul, I’m not a good songwriter, in-fact I’ll rate myself 30%, so when it comes to song writing, I give it to Paul 100%.

‘However, not writing songs does not disqualify you from being a musician. I can tell you for free that a Nigerian wrote two of the songs on Rihanna’s new album. I’ve travelled a lot and most times people ask, ‘which one are you, the singer or the dancer’? And it’s really sad’.

‘In Psquare, I am the creative person, I can sit-down and tell you what people want to hear, what they want to see and what they want to learn from Psquare. But it’s not something to brag about’.
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‘Jude directs all our videos’.

‘This whole thing began when Paul went online and started post lyrics of most of our songs on Instagram that he wrote them all, just because Peter brought in something to the table’.

‘I’ve been trying to bring more business for Psquare I didn’t know it was going to cause problems. I sent my manager to a meeting in Senegal to meet with Universal music about getting us deals, and when he came back, the way they responded to him wasn’t encouraging’.

‘So I had to send Diouf, the footballer to help get the documents and convince my brothers before we could pull through with the deal. And after some months, we started making money. Meanwhile, while filling the forms, Jude filled everything as Psquare. So the first money came, we shared it. The second money was bigger, it came and we shared it too. That was when Paul said we had to re-fill the form and give proper credit to the songwriter (Himself) and if the form is not brought back, he’s going to expose me and tell the world that he writes all the songs’.

‘And the next day he went online to post those lyrics. So my question is, when he was doing that what did Jude do about it? Absolutely nothing!’